The unions have been an necessary political pressure in the fall of the Zhivkov regime. In 2016, the federal government elevated the minimal wage to 215 euros per month. At the top of 2016 the average month-to-month wage is about 480 euros a month, but there are differences in the areas of the country. The average month-to-month gross wage has reached the worth of 1,036 leva in March, 2017. Bulgaria, officially Republic of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Republika Bŭlgariya, nation occupying the japanese portion of the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe.

In northern Bulgaria the highest precipitation is in May–June, while in southern Bulgaria it’s in winter. The common amount of precipitation additionally varies in time period of altitude – from 450–850 mm within the plains to 850–1200 mm. The highest annual rainfall was measured in 1957 in the higher valley of the river Ogosta within the western Balkan Mountains ; the highest daily rainfall was recorded at Saints Constantine and Helena resort close to Varna in 1951. The complete annual quantity of the rainfall is 74 billion km3; of them 70% evaporate, 20% move into the rivers and 10% soak into the soil.

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The highest temperature within the lowlands and the hilly regions is in June, while within the larger mountains the warmest month is August. The lowest temperature is measured in January and February, respectively.

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This led to some instant worldwide commerce liberalization, however there was no shock to the economy. ] This fact, along with annual GDP progress of above 5%, has brought the government indebtedness to 22.8% of GDP in 2006 from 67.3% 5 years earlier. This is to be contrasted with monumental current account deficits.

The land area of Bulgaria is a hundred and ten,994 square kilometres (111,002 square kilometres ), slightly larger than that of Iceland or the U.S. state of Tennessee. Considering its relatively small measurement, Bulgaria has a great variety of topographical options. Even within small components of the nation, the land may be divided into plains, plateaus, hills, mountains, basins, gorges, and deep river valleys.

The largest labour unions are Podkrepa and the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria. They represent labour in the National Council for Tripartite Partnership, in which they be part of government and business representatives to debate problems with labour, social security, and living requirements.

Founded in the seventh century, Bulgaria is likely one of the oldest states on the European continent. It is intersected by historically necessary routes from northern and japanese Europe to the Mediterranean basin and from western and central Europe to the Middle East.

The snow cowl lasts from 20–30 days within the lowlands to 9 months within the highest mountains. It is bordering Romania to the north, Serbia and North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the east. The northern border with Romania follows the river Danube till the city of Silistra.

Many valleys experience regular temperature inversions and fogs in winter. The nation’s lowest absolute temperature was measured during an inversion within the Tran valley. The Balkan Mountains vary is a geological continuation of the Carpathian Mountains, forming part of the Alpine-Himalayan orogenic belt. This area is subdivided into two geomorphological models, the Pre-Balkan and the Balkan Mountains, also known in Bulgarian as Стара Планина– “Old Mountain”.

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Before the creation of the Bulgarian state, the empires of historical Rome, Greece, and Byzantium were robust presences, and other people and items traveled the land with frequency. The mean annual temperature in Bulgaria is 10.6 °C and varies from 2.9 °C at the nation’s highest peak Musala to thirteen.9 °C at the city of Sandanski within the southern Struma valley. The average bulgarian women temperature in the Danubian Plain is eleven.four °C, within the Upper Thracian Plain thirteen.9 °C, within the decrease mountains 8.1 °C and within the larger mountains 2.four °C. The highest absolute temperature was measured on the city of Sadovo in .2 °C; the bottom absolute temperature was measured on the city of Tran in 1947 –38.three °C.

However, in 2003 an estimated 500,000 Bulgarians have been unemployed but not officially counted as a result of they were not in search of work. In January 2005, the federal government raised the minimal wage by 25 %, to US$90 per month.

Although Bulgaria must undertake the euro as a situation to membership, plans have since been postponed for higher economic occasions. From a political point of view, there’s a commerce-off between Bulgaria’s financial progress and the stability required for early accession to the monetary union. Bulgaria’s per-capita PPP GDP remains to be solely a couple of half of the EU27 common, whereas the nation’s nominal GDP per capita is about 20% of the EU27 average. However, Bulgaria ranks 38th in the Ease of Doing Business rank record, larger than most different Eastern European states, and fortieth within the Economic Freedom of the World index, outperforming Belgium, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Portugal. Bulgaria additionally has the lowest private and corporate revenue tax charges in the EU, as well as the second lowest public debt of all European Union member states at 16.2% of GDP in 2010.

Low rates of interest guaranteed availability of funds for investment and consumption. For example, a increase in the actual property market began round 2003. At the identical time annual inflation in the economy was variable and during the last five years (2003–2007) has seen a low of 2.3% and high of seven.3%. Most importantly, this poses a risk to the nation’s accession to the Eurozone. The Bulgarian government originally planned to undertake the Euro no before 2015.

In 2005 the labour pressure was estimated at three.three million; in 2004, eleven p.c worked in agriculture, 33 percent in business, and fifty six p.c in services. The unemployment fee has been in double digits throughout the post-communist era, reaching a high point of 19 % in 2000. Since then, the speed has decreased substantially with the creation of latest jobs in non-public and state enterprises. In 2005 the official determine was 11.5 percent, compared with 16.9 percent at the finish of 2002.

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