Brand New ensemble for the working workplace and 2 dudes at the gym bath.

Brand New ensemble for the working workplace and 2 dudes at the gym bath.

Brand New ensemble for the working workplace and 2 dudes at the gym bath.

Topics: Oral Intercourse, Threesome, Kissing, Neighbour, Incest, Jock, DILF, Dad and Son, Lust, Longread

Through the exact same Cloth – Chapter 2

3 Aug 2020 1143 visitors remarks

Jim’s found himself caught between his hunky neighbor and fuckbud Hugh, and Hugh’s equally hunky college-jock son Blake. It is one hell of a situation to stay, and Jim’s going to go in lot of more as his fan’s son actions up to demonstrate them he is equally as much a person as their daddy is, and every bit their father’s son too. Then things just just simply take a straight much much much deeper change, within the conclusion that is lusty this longread.

Topics: Raunchy, Oral Intercourse, Threesome, Kissing, Neighbour, Incest, DILF, Dad and Son, Having Intercourse, Lust, Longread

We Hate My Master – Chapter 23

16 Jul 2020 738 readers responses

Brand brand brand New ensemble when it comes to workplace and 2 dudes at the gym bath.

Topics: Harsh Intercourse, Domination, Threesome, Shower, Humiliation, Gym, Master, Slave

Jeremy the Bull – Chapter 7

22 Aug 2020 255 visitors remarks

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This is certainly a fictional tale of the man I experienced worked with some time right right straight back. Typical looking with normal create. But just what he’s got based down numerous view had been the set that is biggest of balls. Constantly squeezed therefore tightly against their happy pants, Now it is just fiction and will not foretell this dudes preference that is sexual. Me going at them if he were to at anytime suggest. I might maybe perhaps maybe NOT wait

Topics: Oral Sex, Threesome, Co-worker, Fucking, Big Balls

Jeremy the Bull – Chapter 8

25 Aug 2020 65 visitors commentary

This will be a tale about a man we worked with a few time straight straight straight back He was a typical searching man with normal build But exactly what he’d at the very least from the thing I could see of their big crotch while the biggest balls. Constantly pushed against their fortunate trousers. All i will state is wef only I happened to be their trousers. This if program does not recommend the people sexual choice. But if he offered me a chance at those peanuts I would personally maybe not wait!!

Topics: Domination, Threesome, Co-worker, Fucking, Big Balls

Liam’s Submission Tested – Chapter 3

4 Aug 2020 693 visitors responses

Liam and Marcus enter the notorious Quiet Lounge, where in fact the genuine action takes place and any such thing goes. Sexual tensions rise and a sub that is new them for the steamy threesome.

Topics: Chastity, Bondage, Oral Sex, Rimming, Group Intercourse, Threesome, Puppy Enjoy, Cum Control, Master, Slave

Liam’s Submission Tested – Chapter 4

13 Aug 2020 492 visitors reviews

Liam and Marcus have been in for the evening of pleasure and discomfort.

Topics: Chastity, Bondage, Rimming, Group Intercourse, Threesome, Union, Puppy Enjoy, BDSM, Cum Control, Master, Slave

Fulfilling Billy – Chapter 3

31 Jul 2020 440 visitors feedback

I have into place just like the backdoor is heard by me open and near. I turn my head as I see Trevor head into Billy’s bed room stripping down their t-shirt. He gets through to the bed him the silicone lube behind me as Billy hands.

Topics: Raunchy, Threesome, Interracial, Cum Fucking, Bareback, Fucking

Getting Serviced in the Dealership – Chapter 3

23 Jul 2020 2579 visitors feedback

It turned out more than a since john fucked me week. I attempted calling him twice but had been getting no answer. I did son’t keep an email or any such thing, afraid to when I had been uncertain of their current situation. The other night at a pub with buddies we began to browse around during the eyes on our team, particularly me personally feeling such as the focus. And that’s once I spotted him – John. My dealership hunk.

Topics: Strength, Threesome, Alpha Male, Bareback, Athlete, Fucking

My university Buddy’s 18 year-old Son – Chapter 5

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