Dumpster Diving: We Got the Hook-Up. The less kid that is funny of Friday, home Party, and Booty Call.

Dumpster Diving: We Got the Hook-Up. The less kid that is funny of Friday, home Party, and Booty Call.

Dumpster Diving: We Got the Hook-Up. The less kid that is funny of Friday, home Party, and Booty Call.

The less funny kid bro of Friday, House Party, and Booty Call.

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The fast ascent of streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime could be straight correlated with all the decrease of deal bins, those age-old repositories where forgotten would-be blockbusters mingled with direct-to-DVD sequels and D-list cash-ins made to parallel package office bombshells. They utilized to cap every aisle within the Wal-Marts and Targets of yesteryear, however these times you’ll see them mostly in prairieland truck stops and video that is struggling. As numerous of us only at CoS invested lots of nights hunched over those bins, we decided to scour the Earth for those remaining few friday. Just just exactly What lies within? That are they intended for? Will they be a bit of good? Welcome to Dumpster Diving.

THE FILM: THE HOOK-UP was got by me(1998)

I obtained the attach had been initial movie from Master P’s No Limit label become released in theaters and ended up being co-written, co-produced, and co-starring P himself, whom obviously saw this as being a launching pad for No Limit’s burgeoning division that is filmic.


A long-gone Hollywood Video in Chesterfield, MI. We ought to note here that, as pent-up white young ones in the belated ’90s in residential district Detroit, my buddies and I also had been obsessed with “urban comedies” like Booty Call, Friday, and Don’t Be described as a Menace to Southern Central While consuming Your Juice into the Hood. They offered us a glimpse into town life outside our suburb, in addition to a manic, ensemble-based form of comedy that offered an essential counterpoint to the Farleys and Sandlers we quoted advertisement nauseum.


Oh Jesus, this is a time that is long, so used VHS tapes were most likely operating $5.99 or thereabouts. This is exactly exactly how we invested the amount of money we made jockeying a register at McDonald’s.


All of it begins not difficult. Master P plays Ebony, a small-time hustler who cons their method as an excess of cellphones – this is in 1998, FYI, whenever portable phones had been a luxury, maybe maybe not just a requisite; there’s even an underlying mindset that cellphones had been simply a moving craze, which can be fascinating in retrospect. By using loudmouthed cohort Blue (AJ Johnson) and love interest Lorraine (Gretchen Palmer), Ebony is able to get a lot of money attempting to sell them beneath the dining dining table. Black’s scheme, but, quickly attracts unwelcome attention through the FBI and a neighborhood criminal activity syndicate.

I OBTAINED THE HOOK-UP, Franz Turner, A. J. Johnson, Gretchen Palmer, Master P, 1998, sidwalk purchase

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It is a fine setup, but executed with the elegance of the coked-out “Tiny” Lister. You are able to have the article writers detonating hard scenes with dynamite, freeing by themselves through the corners they’ve written on their own into by tearing straight straight down every wall surface coming soon. Apparently crucial characters drift to the ether, plotlines devolve into quizzical shrugs, and white FBI agents turn into black colored dudes putting on white man masks. I became sober once I viewed this, and We nevertheless can’t let you know just just what the fuck occurs into the act that is third. This really isn’t a stoner comedy, but we implore you: view this film stoned.

Understand this: Master P is a terrible star. He’s a Sarlacc to their co-stars, a bottomless, spike-throated maw that feasts on existence and charisma. Fortunately, AJ Johnson could be the opposite, a proto-Kevin Hart whose every word cartwheels from their lips in careless abandon. I’ve seen a whole lot of films, and absolutely nothing in such a thing is funnier compared to means Johnson says “bubbles” within the under clip.

In reality, i obtained the Hook-Up rounds out its supporting cast with a number of this genre’s most readily useful character actors. The aforementioned Tommy “Tiny” Lister, Jr. Does a reliably admirable task of crossing their eyes menacingly, and old-timers John Witherspoon and Helen Martin bring the every that is dirty as delightfully as Betty White would ten years later on. Additionally, look out for Joe Estevez, the F-list sibling of Martin Sheen that is presently enjoying a belated job resurgence (if you want to phone it that – we do) on Tim Heidecker’s Decker.

A loyalist that is true Master P also found a spot for No Limit rappers Mystikal and Mia X when you look at the cast. Ya know, they’re perhaps not that bad. Mystikal smokes angel dirt, plus it’s therefore goddamned stupid.


It is impossible to discuss the Hook-Up was got by me without discussing No restriction, as Master P constantly ensured their content ended up being indistinguishable from his brand name. The movie does not star Master P. Just It’s additionally:

…where he additionally served as:

Oh, and don’t forget the Hook-Up was got by me personally had been:

State what you would about Master P, but guy had been a masterful brand name strategist. After all, here is the guy that is same turned the strained cries of their toilet-screams in to a catchphrase – in addition, P’s signature “uhhhhhh” literally begins and stops the movie. And not just does he populate the cast without any Limit rappers, he frontloads the sound recording making use of their tracks.

It undoubtedly had been an effort that is valiant this movie, also it’s crucial (should you discover conversations of i obtained the Hook-Up to make a difference) to see that the film it self had not been a failure. Its $10.3 million gross more than doubled its spending plan and led to the circulation of five more movies, the highest of which most most most likely being the Gary Busey-starring Hot Boyz, it self a basic of this deal container.

Instead, it absolutely was the collapse of No Limit – a fate due to overambition a lot more than incompetence – that banished we Got the Hook-Up to your discount container. Whenever No restriction crashed, almost everything crashed along with it. The label’s reputation seemed to improve instantly. By 1999, it simply wasn’t cool to like No restriction. Dudes were peling away the No limitation decals off their automobiles within my college parking area. And due to the fact art had been therefore strictly associated with the brand name, there is no legacy, it seemed, no memories that are fond. Using the brand name gone, the creative art was gone. And, whenever that happened, this movie strike the containers every bit as fast as dozens of Silkk the Shocker CDs.


Needless to say, there’s also the proven fact that i acquired the Hook-Up isn’t that great. No Limit’s aggressive branding really much makes their movie, but its slapdash nature and incoherence merely would go to show that this particular comedy takes more finesse than you may think. Friday perseveres we see John Witherspoon taking a shit, but we also see him bestowing life lessons onto his son because it leavened its absurdity with resonant themes about manhood and survival; sure. Right right Here, while the perverted Mr. Mimm, he’s absolutely nothing but a misogynistic man that is old. He’s hilarious because he’s John Witherspoon, however the character it self is created on icky fundamentals.


Certainly. There’s still lots to savor right right here, because, similar to metropolitan comedies, I Got the Hook-Up adopts an episodic structure that ensures any wide range of comedic vignettes or cameos ( exactly exactly what up, Ice Cube! ) are appropriate just about to happen. And I also can’t state it sufficient for AJ Johnson, a star that made waves in the’90s that are mid-to-late but seemingly have fallen off IMDB. It is too bad, because the guy favorably crackles whenever unleashed.

But as an example of a ’90s-era metropolitan comedy, we Got the Hook-Up seldom transcends the comedic levels of the forefathers. I’m chatting movies like Friday, House Party, and Booty Call, each of which you’re, sadly, in the same way more likely to find collecting dust in the discount container. Get those rather.

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